How are Jacobs Foundation partners and beneficiaries selected?

We develop our programs in line with our Strategy 2030 and theory of change. Together with our partners, we identify important issues and needs and then seek innovative ways to have a lasting impact on children’s learning and development.

From time to time, we may announce an open call for proposals to advance specific program goals. In such instances, information will be available on our website.

Can I or my organization apply for a grant?

We aim to be transparent about how we operate. It is therefore important to be clear that most of our grantmaking is dedicated to furthering strategies with specific program goals. We generally do not consider funding unsolicited proposals.

What is the Jacobs Foundation’s Strategy 2030?

Strategy 2030 is a ten-year commitment worth CHF 500 million to ensure that evidence guides how children vary in their learning during the ages of 2 to 12 – in school, at home, and with technology and how that knowledge can be put into action and used in education systems around the world.

What is Learning Variability?

We have coined this term to convey the importance of appreciating that children vary day-to-day in their skills and behaviors. They may differ from children in the same classroom. They live and learn in different environments, with varying levels of wealth and opportunity. Yet education all too often provides a one-size-fits-all approach aimed at the average student, with little regard for variability, resulting in poorer outcomes for students.

How can I contact the Jacobs Foundation?

For general enquiries, contact jf@jacobsfoundation.org.

For media enquiries, contact media@jacobsfoundation.org.

Telephone + 41 (0) 44 388 61 23.

How can I apply to work at the Jacobs Foundation?

Please see Work with us 

What’s the annual spend on projects?

In 2022 the Foundation donated CHF 38.363 million to education projects. Since its foundation in 1989 cumulative donations stand at CHF 840.256 million.

How is the Jacobs Foundation funded?

The Foundation is the only beneficiary of Jacobs Holding AG (JAG). JAG holds shares in Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, several leading global dental services, and Cognita, a network of 100 high-quality schools across five regions.

How does the Jacobs Foundation check that its financial support is being used properly, and that its work is effective?


The Foundation has first class auditors and monitoring and evaluation companies working on all our projects. Plus something about the Swiss government oversight – will need to dig this out. 

In 2022, we worked with our Board and evaluation and learning partner, Mathematica, to define how to assess our contribution to child-level outcomes, ensuring our approach to monitoring and evaluation.