Enhancing child well-being:
From ends to means

This is the motto of an OECD Workshop on policies and initiatives that enhance child well-being held in Paris on January, 16. Key experts and civil society representatives discuss pressing topics during four panels.

The panel discussions address how to design policies at national and subnational levels in order to respond to the multiple needs of children and their families; measures to reduce inequalities in access to education and care services; and effective policy evaluation and monitoring practices.

Muriel Langenberger, Head of Programs Europe of the Jacobs Foundation, is on the panel “A range of services for vulnerable families: what makes them work?”, which focuses on the critical challenge of coordination across services (health, social or housing etc.) and across national, regional and local levels of state actors. She discusses with other experts which actions can be taken to reach the most vulnerable groups of families, and how to adapt existing services to complex family situation of the most vulnerable.

Watch the live webcast: