System transformation?
It’s in the genes

Systems change is more than just a popular catchphrase, but its effectiveness depends on aligning strategies with a foundation’s institutional DNA.

Sandro Giuliani, Managing Director at Jacobs Foundation about the foundation’s approach to changing systems.

Now available in the online journal of the Alliance magazine:

System transformation? It’s in the genes


The Jacobs Foundation is pleased to sponsor this issue “systems change” in order that the content can be shared as widely as possible.

Sandro Giuliani earned an MBA at the University of Zurich and a master’s degree in advanced studies in development and cooperation at ETH Zurich. He joined the Jacobs Foundation in 2009 as a program officer. Since 2013, he has served as the foundation’s managing director and, since 2015, as delegate of the board. Giuliani is a member of the Governing Board of the Compagnia di San Paolo and of the Managing Board of the SwissFoundations association.

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