The Jacobs Foundation wants to retain, develop, and recruit qualified experts from its network and beyond.

The Jacobs Foundation will launch in 2022 the ‘Global Education Museum Initiative’ (GEMINI), a global virtual network of museums that focus on learning and education.

We are looking for two outstanding Program Managers to work in close collaboration to plan, implement and manage GEMINI. You will both have complementary skills and experience, and each have responsibility for particular strands of activity in GEMINI. Co-leadership is integral to our ethos at the Jacobs Foundation. You can find out more about it here.

In addition we are seeking a GEMINI Program Specialist who will provide professional support to the Jacobs Foundation and contribute to our 2030 Strategy with his/her skill set and personality.

Please open the documents to learn more about the jobs and how to apply:

> GEMINI Program Manager Education Program and Museum Events
> GEMINI Program Manager Virtual Museum and Communication
> GEMINI Program Specialist

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