Empower Children and Youth to Achieve a Better Future

“Moving forward requires taking action.”
Klaus J. Jacobs (1936-2008)

Three years into our Medium Term Plan 2016–2020, the Jacobs Foundation team and its partners and fellows continued to promote effective projects and programs to achieve the Foundation’s primary goal: To support children’s learning and development. Expressed in terms of the seven goals, this means for 2018:

Research funding has continued to be a main pillar of our mission to advance the Science of Learning (Goal 1).



Projects on Early Education (Goal 2) are a success story in themselves. After the implementation of Primokiz and Primokiz2 in Switzerland over the past six years, the program has now expanded into Germany and Romania (see page 16).


Our TRECC program focusing on improving Rural Livelihoods (Goal 3) in cocoa growing
communities in Ivory Coast has moved with the to the next level with the first twelve pilot projects.


Knowledge management is an important part of our strategy. We are a learning organization
that puts its knowledge to active use, boldly explores new pathways and learns from experience (Goal 4).


To raise awareness and promote dialogue, topics related to learning and development are being put forward for discussion through our content management strategy (Goal 5). Our Blog on Learning and Development (BOLD) can now boast more than 150 authors and has reached more than 300,000 readers since its launch in 2016.


For the first time in its history, the Foundation managed to Leverage Funding (Goal 6) to such an extent that it more than doubled its core budget of CHF 45 million.


By providing targeted support to outstanding individuals in diverse sectors, the Jacobs
Foundation is building a network of experts and fellows (Goal 7) to promote progress in its focus areas and to foster a vibrant community of learning and inspiration.


We are determined to continue our support for effective projects and programs as we seek to fulfill our promise: to empower children and youth to achieve a better future!

Expressed in terms of 2018 figures, our creation means:

Deatailed information about our values, projects and programs can be found in our Annual Report 2018.