The Symposium “B³ – Bildung Beyond Boundaries” brings together educational experts with diverse backgrounds to reflect on the future of Higher Education and to develop radical ideas for its innovation.

Breakthroughs in higher education can only be achieved through an united effort by different actors across vast disciplinary terrain. For a great leap forward cognitive and educational sciences must play a significant part in educational technologies, learning analytics and normative values of Bildung.

Europe’s universities meander between a traditional narrative of Wilhelm von Humboldt’s science orientation and John Henry Newman academic studies orientation dominant for the Anglo-Saxon university model. Antonio Loprieno has called this a demystification process towards a rapidly expanding “world-class university ideal”. However, what are the implications for teaching and learning in the digital era?

The Symposium on 8-9 November 2018 will be used to develop and refine a concept of a “Radical Ideas in Higher Education Challenge” with internationally renowned experts, and kick-off the Challenge to the public and the scientific community. It is supported by the Jacobs University and the Jacobs Foundation in partnership with the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI