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The Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the Jacobs Foundation’s activities, institutions, and finances.

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Annual Report 2022

From Minds to Ministries: Our 2022 Annual Report – providing an overview of milestones achieved over the past year, our Strategy 2030, and Research Agenda.

Annual Report 2021

We are convinced that children deserve better. In our strategy 2030 we have outlined what we believe needs to happen to offer children the type of education they need to thrive together: understanding and embracing variability in learning.

Annual Report 2020

With the world in the firm grip of the pandemic, we have faced tremendous challenges and uncertainties. However, we have also seen great solidarity and innovation.

Annual Report 2019

Ever since the Jacobs Foundation was founded 30 years ago, we have embraced change as we have sought to fulfil our mission of promoting the healthy development of children and youth.

Annual Report 2018

Three years into our Medium Term Plan 2016––2020, we are making good progress toward our goals.

Annual Report 2017

The year 2017 was the second year of the Jacob Foundation’s Medium Term Plan 2016––2020. Our foundation’s primary mission is to support children’s learning and development.

Annual Report 2016

We have long dedicated ourselves to promoting early childhood development, and this has been a focus of our work over the past year as well

Annual Report 2015

Throughout the organization, we focused especially on three topics: the launch of our new TRECC program, the completion of the current Medium Term Plan and strategic planning for 2020.