Alumni and Fellows Gather to Increase Impact  

It is the first meeting where fellows from other areas than research offer their expertise and participate in workshops to increase impact of science through public outreach, dissemination and scaling. 

Publishing is a major focus in research but in most cases, it is about communicating research beyond the scientific community. This week Jacobs Foundation is putting the spotlight on how to increase the impact of science through public outreach, dissemination and scaling.

The Jacobs Foundation is hosting the Young Scholar Alumni Meeting Event, which brings together 30+ Young Scholars from the cohort 2012-2015 and selected Jacobs Fellows from other sectors than research. Alumnis and Fellows from as far and wide as USA, UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria gather at Schloss Marbach, Lake Constance, Germany from 27-31 August, 2018.

Speaking with Organizers from the Jacobs Foundation, it becomes evident that a great deal of effort went toward making the event focused on the Alumni themselves and topics they were personally interested in exploring. The Jacobs Foundation reached out to Alumni while planning the event and their feedback informed much of the program.

Holding the first Keynote at the opening: Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore.

On day one, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore will hold the first Keynote on how to communicate research beyond the scientific community. Day two features workshops on communicating your purpose by Joanne Gerstner, award winning journalist and book author. Professor Ron Dahl, from the University of California, Berkeley, will hold the second Keynote on Informing Prevention, Intervention, and Policy.

Day three and four will be followed by Keynotes of Julie Kientz, Associate Professor at the University of Washington, about Baby steps toward impact: the 12-Year Journey of Translating a Technology Intervention for Children’s Developmental Screening. Day four will focus on Business Workshops including a Keynote of Liz Gerber, Associate Professor at Northwestern University, about Making Impact: 0.1.% Inspiration, 99.9 Perspiration.

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