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SALEX – School Action Learning Exchange

SALEX supports schools to build evidence and implement promising practices.

The School Action Learning Exchange (SALEX) is a learning community of organizations that support schools, school leaders, and teachers by aggregating and sharing knowledge, building capacity, and implementing promising practices in schools. Its diverse set of founding members, who work across six continents, include national NGOs, multilateral institutions, and organizations supporting teacher and school leader capacity, among others.

SALEX members undertake a variety of collaborative activities to facilitate the generation and uptake of evidence, both within the community and for the broader education ecosystem.

SALEX learning agenda
Through a consultative design process with assistance from network facilitator Results for Development (R4D), SALEX members defined an initial learning agenda focusing on four topics:

  • Building evidence and data into school and policy decisions:  Despite significant and rigorous evidence of promising practices and effective approaches in global education, this evidence is often not shared or integrated into school and policy-level decisions.
  • Elevating and connecting teacher and school leader voices: Teachers and school leaders are at the heart of school-level change but they lack platforms to speak to each other and have their voices heard meaningfully in education policy.
  • Integrating foundational skills and wellbeing, including alleviating setbacks from COVID-19: Teachers and schools should not only support learners’ fundamental skill building, but also help them flourish emotionally and socially.
  • Testing and scaling teacher and school-driven innovations: Individual teachers and schools are developing unique approaches to address the challenges they face, but more could be done to better understand which innovations should be adapted and adopted across a wider range of schools and contexts.

Knowledge and research
SALEX members generate and aggregate knowledge on these topics through a range of different mechanisms, including topic-specific challenge groups. These challenge groups exchange resources, experiences and lessons learned, generate new knowledge and global public goods, and amplify existing learning.

In addition, SALEX provides opportunities for members to receive catalytic funding to undergo rigorous, applied research that accelerates understanding of these topics. SALEX members contribute to new research on learning networks, and to evidence translation, both through their own organizations and in global conferences and other fora.

Founding SALEX members
Council of International Schools
Education International
Fundacion Luker (Luker Foundation)
Global School Leaders (GSL)
Global Schools Forum
International Baccalaureate
Instituto Gesto
Lewa Digital Literacy Initiative
PAL Network
Research Schools International
TaRL Africa
Teach for All
UNICEF Data Must Speak
Youth Impact