Learning Minds

Jacobs Teaching Fellowship

With the complex social changes taking place in the world today, education is becoming increasingly important for success in life. In this context, we seek to improve overall conditions for children to grow up in a stimulating environment that allows them to learn in the best possible way.

The Jacobs Foundation awards scholarships to individuals in selected European countries, who are pursuing a career dedicated to providing children with opportunities to benefit from high-quality early childhood education. Up to five scholarships cover the tuition for a full certificate of advanced studies (CAS) in Economics and Pedagogy of Early Childhood Education at the University of Geneva. The program provides participants with the tools they need to implement the most innovative educational approaches to produce student-centred schools and implement project-based curricula. Participants will learn to integrate design thinking, visible thinking, project work, outdoor-natural classrooms, forest school strategies, constructivism, and much more. They will gain tools to design and assess educational programs, to integrate research into the classroom, and to build laboratory-schools.

Jacobs Foundation scholarship recipients are practitioners in the field of early childhood education and care. They interact with children daily while also starting to grow into a leadership position. They drive change and will employ their studies to improve early childhood education at their respective institution and beyond, be it in the education system or at the level of policy, business or society. They are active members of the Jacobs Network, interacting with Jacobs Fellows in the sectors of research, social entrepreneurship, and media. They are ambassadors for high-quality early education and promote the goals of the Foundation.