Educational Landscapes Switzerland

In Switzerland, as elsewhere, it is becoming more and more difficult to ensure fair educational opportunities for all children. One of the reasons is a high level of immigration, which is making Swiss society increasingly diverse and is widening social disparities.

To give every child the opportunity for a comprehensive, high-quality education in school and beyond, the Jacobs Foundation is encouraging innovative, systematic cooperation between school-based and extracurricular actors through its Educational Landscapes program.

The term “educational landscapes” refers to networks of all those involved in caring for and educating children. That includes parents as well as preschool and elementary school teachers, social workers and coaches. Together, they create the necessary environments, in and outside of school, for children to acquire the skills they need for a successful education.

During the pilot phase, the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Fribourg and Zurich each conducted three projects in various communities and cities. In the second phase, another 13 communities are creating educational landscapes.

After supporting the development of Educational Landscapes for more than 10 years, the Jacobs Foundation handed over responsibility for this concept in Switzerland to éducation21 which is now the sole point of contact for any requests.