Learning Minds

2021 Jacobs Foundation Conference

As COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and education systems, we will run our 2021 Jacobs Foundation Conference in a virtual format. Partnering with MIT Solve, we organize the event around a Solveathon, which will support our core goal of enabling learning systems globally to provide children between the ages of 2-12 with equitable opportunities, so that they can reach their full learning potential and thrive. We want to encourage the co-creation of effective, cross-sectoral and scalable solutions to the challenge of learning in a post-COVID-19 world. We invite educators, academics, investors, technologists, funders, practitioners, and other parties interested to join us in this this event.

Please register here: https://jacobsconferenceregistration.org 

In the Solveathon, four challenges are run by challenge partners to develop education solutions for a post-COVID world:

MIT Solve – Equitable Classrooms
GSF – Scalable Innovations for Blended Learning
Schools 2030 – Showcasing 1000 Solutions for Quality Learning
GSL – Improving Learning Outcomes through Data

Find more information about the Jacobs Foundation Conference here: https://jacobsfoundation.org/en/activity/jacobs-foundation-conference/