2012 Christmas Campaign Check Presented

In recognition of its “schritt:weise” home visit program for economically and socially disadvantaged families, the a:primo association has received a check for CHF 20,000 from the Jacobs Foundation’s 2012 Christmas campaign.
Erika Dähler, co-director of a:primo, beamed as Sandro Giuliani, Managing Director of the Jacobs Foundation, presented her with a check for CHF 20,000. This impressive amount was collected during the Jacobs Foundation’s 2012 Christmas campaign.
The foundation generously topped off the donations that were collected from its partners and from friends of the Jacobs family. As he presented the check, Sandro Giuliani noted, “In an effort to solve social problems in Switzerland, we work with partners on innovations that have the potential for long-term effectiveness. At present, 350 Swiss families are benefiting from the work of a:primo. Recent findings have shown that this home visit program provides the participating children with access to equal opportunities. We would like to thank all donors for their solidarity and support.” Erika Dähler, co-director of a:primo, added, “Because of the support of the Jacobs Foundation and its 2012 Christmas campaign, we are now able to offer better training for our program staff – thereby continuing to improve the effectiveness and quality of our work. This will benefit children all over Switzerland, and thanks to schritt:weise they will be equipped to meet life’s challenges.”

Further information about a:primo can be found at: www.a-primo.ch