How Do Children Around the World Feel About their Lives?

More than 17,000 children aged 8 years old in 16 countries in four continents were asked about their experiences and views about their lives. Research of this kind with this age group is very unusual and this is the most wide-ranging and diverse study of its kind ever conducted internationally on children’s lives from their own perspectives.

The second report from the Children’s Worlds study, published today, shows important results that can be used to improve children’s lives around the world. The Jacobs Foundation funded the research behind this report and has announced that it will support another wave of the study, aimed at a larger number of countries, beginning in 2017.

Simon Sommer, Head of Research at the Jacobs Foundation which funded the work, said: ‘„This project is groundbreaking. This report presents, for the first time, 8-year-old children’s own perspectives on their lives and well-being. The Jacobs Foundation continues to support “Children’s Worlds”, because we are convinced that it will deliver unique information valuable for everyone who is interested in understanding and improving the lives of children and youth.”