Rezgar Sharifi

Finance Controller

Rezgar Sharifi is Finance Controller at the Jacobs Foundation. In his role, he oversees accounting and controlling for the Foundation and leads in shaping the Business Intelligence Unit. He offers actionable insights and refines financial processes, emphasizing the internal control system. He assists in preparing accurate financial statements, adhering to regulations. He supports budgeting and forecasting and ensures robust internal controls to prevent errors and fraud. He collaborates with external auditors, playing a significant role in financial audits. He analyzes financial performance, spots trends, and suggests strategies for optimization. He implements and supervises financial policies to maintain the organization’s fiscal responsibility.

Rezgar enjoys collaborating with different departments and serving as the liaison between finance and the programs. He brings over 15 years of professional experience in various financial positions across sectors such as headhunting, insurance, the automotive industry, real estate, and tech.

Rezgar is a Swiss Certified Expert in Accounting and Controlling. He holds a Master of Legal studies from the University of Fribourg, a Master of Advanced Studies in Controlling from Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences, Zurich, and a Bachelor in International Affairs from the University of Geneva.