Noreen M. Huni

REPSSI, South Africa

Organization Focus
REPSSI is a regional registered Non-Profit Organisation, working in 13 countries in East and Southern Africa to promote the psychosocial and mental wellbeing for girls, boys and youth so that they live with hope, dignity and happiness.
To realize its mission, REPSSI generates psychosocial support (PSS) knowledge through research; advocates for the integration of PSS into programmes and services for children and youth; builds government and non-government partners’ capacity to implement PSS in child and youth programmes; and is establishing the Africa Psychosocial Institute (APSSI) to foster professionalism and excellence in child and youth psychosocial support and mental health in Africa.

My plans with the 2018 Klaus J. Jacobs Award
REPSSI will partner with Ministries of Health and Child Care to mainstreaming PSS into Early Childhood Development (ECD) in 2 countries where REPSSI will:

Conduct evidence-based Advocacy for universal access ECD in Africa by:

  • Supporting national governments in developing ECD policies and guidelines
  • Working with Africa Early Childhood Network to raise awareness on the value of ECD
  • Holding African national governments accountable for commitments made on ECD

Strengthen ECD capacity by:

  • Delivering the REPSSI CBWCY Programme and the Babies and Young Children Package to at least 30 community-based ECD practitioners
  • Working with 50 community caregivers and teen parents, to establish community and family level child nurturing and stimulating knowledge and practice centres

How will my work change children’s and youth’s lives?
Nurturing and stimulating care lays the foundation for children and young people’s cognitive, emotional and spiritual wellbeing for them to survive and thrive. The children will grow in loving, supportive and protective families that enable them to realise their full potential and grow to be healthy, compassionate, just, responsible, resilient adults who can transform their own lives and their broader society in which they live. Children participation will be possible with communities putting children at the centre of development efforts. Children will express their needs and access basic child rights including social, health and education and social protection services.