Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellow

Elizabeth Anthony

Oxford Saïd

Elizabeth is passionate about ensuring all children have equal opportunities to succeed, and her focus thus far in her career has been on how education and innovation might advance this cause. As an undergraduate student at the University of Notre Dame, Elizabeth examined how schools use technology to more effectively meet the needs of all students. She worked with schools across the United States and in the Accra region of Ghana as well as conducted research for the United States’ leading think tank studying disruptive innovation in education.

After graduating from university, Elizabeth created and led the Higher-Powered Learning Program, a school improvement program for K-8 schools in the United States seeking to use technology to improve student outcomes, as well as a number of other initiatives to catalyze innovation in Catholic schools. She is currently working with a nonprofit organization to study and communicate the impact of an early literacy, home-visit program for children and families.

As a Jacobs Foundation Fellow, Elizabeth is extremely excited to collaborate with scholars and entrepreneurs outside of the education field to develop a more comprehensive solution to youth poverty. She hopes to contribute her own education expertise to conversations and projects with other Jacobs Foundation Scholars to advance youth development more broadly.