Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellow

Divya Kamerkar

Wharton Business School

Divya is from Mumbai, and in her second year of the MBA program at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. She also hold a B.S and a Global Health Fellowship from Yale University and is twice published in peer-reviewed health journals.

Prior to Wharton, Divya worked as a Senior Consultant to the Delhi Government, to reduce crimes against women and create enabling infrastructure for them. She drafted women centric laws, worked with the police for legal and judicial reform, and also led implementation – in human trafficking rescues, and developing community centric interventions against domestic violence. Divya then worked for The Bridgespan Group, a social impact consulting firm. At Bridgespan, Divya worked across SE Asia and the MENA region, and helped set national agendas in issues of early childhood care and development.

At Wharton, Divya has founded a company called ‘Pinky Promise’, which seeks to break the stigma associated with sexual and reproductive health. It is a chatbot app, which uses decision-making algorithms to help women pinpoint what may be affecting them (based on their symptoms), and help them make more informed decisions towards their reproductive health. Pinky Promise also features chat rooms where women can connect with each other and find community in various issues like sexual wellness, pregnancy, fertility etc.

In her free time, Divya and her husband enjoy hiking, catch and release fishing and watching movies! They are expecting to welcome their first child this February so they are very busy learning to be parents as well! Divya would love to serve as a resource for anyone in the Jacobs network in issues pertaining to social impact consulting, healthcare, gender, or anything pertaining to living and working in India.