Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellow

Christoph von Bieberstein

University of St. Gallen

Christoph is a strong believer that business and social impact are not mutually exclusive, quite the contrary, business will bring incredible advancements and social impact for many stakeholders if conducted socially responsible. True to that believe, he is a founder of HexagonFab, a tech venture that is developing a revolutionary new biological sensor technology – thanks to this technology critical medical tests can one day be conducted without the need for a laboratory, thereby bringing access to many rural communities around the world that do not have access to world-class laboratories.

Before founding HexagonFab, Christoph was a senior consultant for McKinsey & Company working with a particular focus in market access for new therapeutics and vaccines in developed and emerging markets. Christoph holds a Master’s degree in Strategy and International Management from the University of St.Gallen. During his studies Christoph co-founded the non-profit organisation Liter of Light in Switzerland, the grass-roots solar-bottle movement to bring light to underprivileged communities around the world. The group launched new local offices in Latin America, Africa and Asia and set up partnerships with Google, Sika, Bosch and Podio to support the global network.

Christoph is eager to contribute to social impact projects for youth development with the Jacobs Foundation and be part of the Jacobs Network to share his experience in non-profit and for-profit ventures and learn from fellow entrepreneurs, researchers, and journalists.