Jacobs Social Entrepreneur Fellow

Christine Kang

Yale University

After completing her MBA at Yale School of Management, Christine joined Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides advisory services to government, nonprofit, and philanthropic clients. As a Manager in Third Sector’s Boston office, Christine manages data collection and evaluation, conducts comparative analysis of evidence-based innovations, and assesses potential funding and contracting models to determine outcomes-oriented approaches that accelerate the transition to a performance-driven social sector in the United States.

Christine previously spent several years in Nanjing, China working at a social enterprise to increase access to educational opportunities in Western China. As part of the management team, Christine oversaw strategic growth planning, teacher training and evaluation, and impact measurement. She also led innovative partnerships with government agencies and nonprofit organizations to accelerate the expansion of Hope Schools, targeting investments that aligned to the outcomes in the country’s 5-year plan for youth development.

As part of the Jacobs Fellowship, Christine looks forward to engaging her peers across the network to understand ways to build informal education opportunities, such as mentorship and coaching, that increase educational access for higher-barrier individuals, while also sharing insights based on her work within Pay for Success (PFS) and outcomes-oriented contracting.