Sucden is an international trading house engaged in soft commodity supply chains, focused on facilitating global flows between producers and consumers. The Group combines global know-how with local expertise to connect supply and demand effectively, sustainably, and profitably. Sucden Cocoa belongs to the Sucden Group and is a leading global cocoa trading house, sourcing approximately 580,000 tons of cocoa bean equivalents annually; supplying beans and products to the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers.  Sucden Cocoa sources cocoa beans and products from all major producing origins, including Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic while its global platform provides capacity to source from other origins.

Sucden Cocoa understands there is no single solution to the complex and interconnected economic, social and environmental challenges facing the cocoa sector. That’s why we are relentlessly looking for innovative approaches and customizing our sourcing programs to suit local needs. Our approach is strengthened by close relationships with producing country authorities, farmers, expert organizations and industry groups. We form partnerships to speed improvements. We believe success will only come by working together and increasing the awareness of our business partners of the need to change the operational status quo.  In 2009, Sucden’s Corporate Foundation (Fondation Sucres et Denrées) was created to support universal causes and leverage our employees’ positive impact in areas such as nutrition & health, education, and the environment and it is through the Foundation that Sucden Cocoa is supporting the CLEF / ELAN program.  You can read more about Sucden’s sustainability program and approach at  Sucden Sustainable Cocoa

“Sucden Cocoa is very pleased and privileged to be a contributor to the Jacobs Foundation and the CLEF and ELAN programs. Sucden recognizes the challenges many cocoa farming families face in Côte d’Ivoire. We believe that the provision of enhanced educational opportunities for young children is a fundamental weapon in the fight for improved opportunities in the weakest part of our cocoa community. The CLEF and ELAN programs will help the next generation of children in the cocoa areas of Côte D’Ivoire to obtain the skills necessary to achieve more choices in their future lives. We wholeheartedly support the partnership that the Jacobs Foundation has created, and we look forward to playing any part we can in making the program a success.”

Paul Davis, Head of Sucden Cocoa