Handbook of African Educational Theories

Jacobs Foundation has supported the project “Handbook of African Educational Theories and Practices” as main sponsor. This handbook is a generative teacher education curriculum. It is the first of its kind granting full open access.

Realizing the Potential of Immigrant Youth

In this unique volume, leading scholars from multiple nations and disciplines provide a state-of-the-art overview of contemporary research on immigrant youth and delineate the most promising future directions for research on their success, suggesting implications for policy and interventions that will benefit host societies as well as immigrant youth.

Values, Religion, and Culture in Adolescent Development

This volume constitutes a timely and unique addition to the literature on human development from a cultural-contextual perspective. Editors Gisela Trommsdorff and Xinyin Chen present systematic and in-depth discussions of theoretical perspectives, landmark studies, and strategies for further research in the field.

Early Childhood Development and Later Outcome

In Early Childhood Development and Later Outcome, editors Sabina Pauen and Marc Bornstein have compiled essays by international experts reflecting the state of infant cognition studies and developmental psychology.

Monitoring and Evaluating Life Skills for Youth Development: The Toolkit

This publication aims to provide a toolbox for monitoring and evaluating life skills in the field. The guidelines were developed in close cooperation with representatives from our existing operational partners, and with the precious support of two experts in the filed of M&E and life skills.

Monitoring and Evaluating Life Skills for Youth Development: The Guidelines

These guidelines aim to provide a better understanding of what we mean by life skills and why we think they are of such importance, as well as a hands-on practical guideline for our operational partners about how to monitor and evaluate the development and acquisition of life skills and an introduction to rigorous impact evaluation.

Klaus J. Jacobs Awards Brochure 2012

In honor of its founder, the entrepreneur Klaus J. Jacobs, who passed away in 2008, the Jacobs Foundation has awarded two annual prizes since 2009. Endowed with a total of 1.2 million Swiss francs, the awards recognize exceptional achievements in research and practice in the field of child and youth development.

Annual Report 2011

The annual reports inform about the values, activities as well as the institution and finances of the Jacobs Foundation.