Public Policy Fellowship

Early childhood is a critically important stage in life, since it is the time when the groundwork is laid for the further development of cognitive and social skills. If these skills are to develop fully, children need opportunities to benefit from high-quality early childhood education and care programs. Changes must be made in the political arena, the business community and society at large to ensure that such programs have a sustainable impact and reach all children. These changes should focus on the long term, and require constant and renewed effort.

The Jacobs Foundation awards scholarships to individuals who are seeking a career dedicated to achieving such change by supporting their study for a certificate of advanced studies (CAS) in Public Affairs and Lobbying. The CAS is jointly offered by Bern University of Applied Sciences and the School of Management in Fribourg (HSW-FR) and Neuchâtel (HEG Arc). Effectively representing the relevant interests requires a thorough understanding of political institutions and processes. This course of study equips students with the tools needed for their careers, and is intended for individuals who are interested in working at the interface of policymaking and business, whether in public communications, professional or business associations, public administration, policymaking or business.

Jacobs Foundation scholarship recipients are active in, or have demonstrated interest in, the field of early childhood education and care. Their aim is to use what they have learned in their studies to improve early childhood education and care in Switzerland at the policy, business or societal level. They automatically become active members of the Jacobs Network and promote the goals of the Foundation.

Interested parties should first register for the CAS program, then submit an essay explaining why they are interested in the Jacobs Foundation scholarship. Due to a lack of applications the CAS Program 2018/2019 will not take place.

Duration: 2018 – 2020

Cost: 50’000 CHF


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