Children deserve better

We are convinced that children deserve better: They deserve to be better understood in how they learn; they deserve better schools and better technologies helping them to develop the skills needed for their future; and they deserve better policies and decisions affecting their lives, based on better data.

In our strategy 2030 we have outlined what we believe needs to happen to offer children the type of education they need to thrive together: understanding and embracing variability in learning.

In the first year of implementing our strategy 2030, we are proud to announce a record investment of more than CHF 80 million in programs aimed at improving the lives of children through quality education.

Highlights from our activities in 2021:

  • CHF 30 million to launch the Learning EdTech Impact Fund (LEIF)
  • A new Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning framework
  • Launching CERES (Connecting the EdTech Research EcoSystem)
  • Partnering with the Swiss Development Corporation to finance education in Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA
  • Awarding two 2021 Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prizes

Have a look at our Annual Report.
Download a copy of the report.

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